Top 5 content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

The new world of content marketing can prove a lucrative and cost effective strategy to build brand awareness and increase marketshare. So what’s the catch?

Regardless of whether you are a small business, mid-tier or large corporation, for many organisations the world of content marketing remains uncharted, and with an overwhelming number of variables. Knowing where to start can be tough.

Too much information and a lack of experience can lead to ineffective decisions that prevent you from achieving the results you want.

At Content Empire we specialise in helping companies create and distribute content that effectively lifts greater brand awareness by engaging your target market. The ultimate goal? Improving your bottom line.

Experience has taught us a thing or two about what works and what definitely does not. To stop you from falling down the same slippery slope here are the top 5 mistakes we consistently find businesses make…and how not to make them!

1) No clear strategy

No sturdy house can be built upon a shaky foundation and your strategy is the foundation of your content marketing approach.

Take the time to consider your product or service and the image, idea or lifestyle associated with your brand. This will help you to define your target market and build a content plan that aims to specifically engage this audience.

Carefully consider the types of content your audience is most likely to engage with, as well as which platforms will allow you to distribute your content with the most reach and impact.

2) Not paying enough attention to your target market

Build a clear picture of your customer-base. These individuals are your target market. Who are they, where do they interact online and what types of content add value to their lives?

Sound research underpins every element of your strategy and this is no exception. While it is great to create content that simply reflects your brand, if this content does not meet a need in your audience it can often fall on deaf ears.

The needs and interests of your target market should be top-of-mind at every stage of your content marketing strategy including the platforms that you select to share your content and the type of content that you choose to produce.

3) Failing to prioritise timing

Timing is everything. In the same way that yesterday’s news is already irrelevant, so is content that is delayed. There is little point publishing industry developments several months after they have occurred.

To position your brand as an industry leader and source of valuable information to your target market, ensure that your content remains relevant and above all timely.

4) Being fearful of multimedia content

Studies consistently indicate online users show greater engagement with and retention of visual content, and content marketing is an ideal way to take full advantage of this tendency.

Don’t be afraid to create a content strategy that combines graphics, video and written content to engage as many members of your target market as possible.

Visual content doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming – a simple infographic or meme can do the trick at the start. Consider Canva or Venngage for free, do-it-yourself options.

5) Lack of original content

Original content is fundamental to building your brand. By creating your own style and tone of voice your audience is readily able to relate to your brand’s “personality”. Publishing original content also helps with SEO and can lift your brand in organic search.

Timely and unique content designed to meet the needs of your target market can enable a business of any size to position itself as a reputable, ‘go-to’ source of information. Done right, content marketing builds genuine engagement and confidence in your brand, and lifts the reputation and desirability of your produce or service.

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