Real estate e-newsletters – getting it right

The competitive landscape of the real estate sector means every agency is looking for ways to attract and retain clients.

Given that, on average, a Melbourne resident sells and buys a house only every seven years, it’s not a high transaction rate/capita business. Instead, it’s all about developing long term relationships and providing great service that leads to referrals. As the old adage goes, real estate relationships are more of a marathon than a sprint!

So how does a real estate agent stay “top of mind” with clients who may only transact with them once every seven years?

Today’s digital era lends itself to a range of communication innovations. Social and professional networking tools are one of the most popular ways real estate clients will digest news, information and updates. 

Keeping these profiles up to date with fresh content, beyond weekly property listings, can be a constant challenge, which is where a professional content marketing agency such as Content Empire can help. A simple and cost effective starting point for regular communications is an eNewsletter.

eNewsletter tools

Electronic Digital Mail (eDM) Software tools such Vision 6 – a leading Australian email marketing company – have been developed to specifically meet the needs of a range of industry’s eDM requirements.


A simple download of your agency’s or individual agents’ contact databases in MS Excel or a CSV format is all it takes to populate an eDM software tool. Once uploaded, agents and agencies have the ability to communicate through email as frequently as required.


Select from a range of templates or upload your own bespoke HTML newsletter design. Templates exist for a range of relevant real estate communications including eNewsletters, invitations, event notifications and individual property promotions. These templates are easily customised to reflect your agency or individual agent branding. SMS alerts can also be set up.


The most important function of a real estate eNewsletter is to provide a target audience with relevant, meaningful information and updates that they can use or talk about. Content that meets these criteria will build personal branding and help establish an agency or agent’s reputation as a credible authority on all things real estate. At Content Empire we regularly assist our real estate clients to set up an annual calendar, and we provide engaging content to grab the attention of their market.

Strong imagery and links back to a website or blog are all important inclusions in any eNewsletter.

Publishing and amplification

Once completed, an eNewsletter can be published to one or multiple distribution lists (databases). Automation tools can also push articles at predetermined intervals to social and professional networking sites, publishing your communications to an even wider audience. Search engines look favourably on pages and sites that enjoy regularly updated content.

There are so many ways to make content work for real estate professionals to gain both personal and business credibility while staying in contact with valued clients.  For professional content marketing advice, contact Content Empire.

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