What makes a first class annual report?

In today’s hyper-visual, creative and communicative world an annual report no longer has to be reduced to an endless drone of facts and figure.

Instead it offers a prime opportunity for businesses to remind stakeholders of their value, what their brand represents and why they should maintain their involvement.

As more businesses take the plunge, how can you ensure your annual report truly tells your business’s story of success and influence?

Considerable experience has enabled the Content Empire team to provide some simple strategies any business can implement to increase the impact of their annual report.

Keep it simple

An unclear message is a lost message! This is true from content and theme to imagery and design.

A clear and concise document that can be easily navigated is essential to captivate readers’ attention.

An eye-catching design and strong theme will communicate your brand and entice investors.

The team behind the FMC Mediation and Counselling annual report delivered a perfect example with a compelling document that effectively utilises elements of design, including white space, headings, captions and colour, to reinforce their brand and help investors easily digest complex information.

Tell your story

No matter the business sector you occupy creative content is key to not only captivating your audience but enhancing your brand through storytelling.

RDNS in Victoria leads the way in this respect. A home care health provider, RDNS takes the time to interview its clients about their lives and the positive impact RDNS services have provided. Coupled with a great design and compelling imagery, investors are truly able to delve into the the heart and soul of this people-focused organisation.

Feature compelling visuals

As the old saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words, a particularly useful sentiment for what is traditionally a dry, complex document. Infographics are the perfect means of communicating large amount of financial information, providing contrast and demonstrating change. The annual report of Lake Macquarie Council in NSW is a stand out, using infographics and large format images to make its content digestible.

Emotive images that are in-line with branding also enable investors to gain greater insight into the feel of your brand and provide context to the information presented in your annual report.

Content Empire specialises in the authoring and production of clear, informative and engaging annual reports. If your annual report needs a facelift, please contact us.

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