SEO: tips to give yours a boost!

Google’s renowned search engine optimisation (SEO) algorithms present every business and content marketer with a great challenge…and even greater opportunity.

The challenge: Generate content that Google programming deems valuable to its consumers.

The reward: The opportunity to have your content and brand reach an engaged audience on an unmatched scale.

There is no exact science to the mastery of SEO. Instead, SEO success relies on a finely tuned game of trial and error. It is no wonder then, that so many businesses struggle to get it right.

Yet, with the Google search engine dominating the Australian marketplace – it has more than 90% marketshare – conquering the game of SEO can effectively boost brand awareness. Sound SEO can also result in greater brand engagement and drive conversion rates.

So what do you need to do to give your brand a boost? These four elements, when executed well, can improve your SEO and unlock your brand’s true potential.

Exceptional content

Content that adds value to your audience is fundamental to good SEO practice. In fact, this is exactly what Google is looking for.

As a search engine, Google’s reputation relies on serving engaging and relevant content to answer the queries of its users. Content that adds value to your audience is therefore content that adds value to Google’s customer base.

The trick to creating quality content? Think laterally. It is important to first understand that for Google, value-added content is not simply confined to text. As a webpage search tool, every facet of your website affects their user engagement metrics.

So creating a positive user experience is vital to your SEO success. Consider every element of your website as “content” and make sure it’s of value to your audience. 

Couple great content with a quality user experience

Google strives to serve user-friendly websites to its customers. For the best results, ensure your website is easy to navigate, visually pleasing and serves the correct content when a user enters a query in the search bar. Don’t forget to check that all web links are working and that content is optimised to match relevant keywords.

Customised widgets designed to improve your customer experience are a great way to get the attention of Google. For example, if you have a landscaping business, a widget that allows people to gain price estimates online or book a consultation will be seen favourably by Google.

This doesn’t mean the text on your website is not important! Substance is still essential to SEO.

Well thought-out written content that directly answers the pain points, interests or needs of your target audience underpins SEO success.

In fact, Google software specifically searches for “thin” content that does not add value to its users, as well as any content that is plagiarised. This can result in a dip in your webpage’s SEO.

Finally, consider starting a blog. Regular content updates can boost engagement rates, keep you in touch with your audience and improve your website SEO – Google prefers websites that deliver fresh content on a regular basis. 

Reputable backlinks

A backlink occurs when another website links to your web content, preferably referring to your content as a useful and reliable resource.

Backlinks are the PR world of SEO. Unmastered territory in Australian SEO practice, backlink success requires your brand to gain the attention and respect of reputable media outlets and complementary businesses.

Native advertising can be a great way to get your content seen and shared online. Sponsored content and guest posts can also help build your brand’s digital profile.

If you are ever offered an interview or featured on a media platform, don’t be afraid to ask them to link the story to your website! It will cost them nothing but will give your own site an added boost, plus the potential for increased engagement via any click-throughs.

Positive user data

The final key to unlocking SEO success lies with exceptional user engagement data.

As Google search optimisation becomes “smarter” the quality of user engagement with your website and its content will become increasingly important.

Cue value-added content and a user friendly website. It is also important to keep watch of your own user engagement data with tools such as Google Analytics. This data allows you to understand what content your users are already engaging with. Use this information to optimise your website’s visual and written content to better match your audience needs.

An ongoing process, regularly updating and improving your content to suit your target audience will help to improve your SEO ranking.

At Content Empire we specialise in generating value-added content specifically designed to increase user engagement and brand awareness. Get in touch with us today to give your SEO – and your brand – a boost!

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