Preparing a successful content brief

So you need some content written. Maybe you want your web copy refreshed. Perhaps you’d like an eBook created for your customers to download. Or you could be looking to have a series of articles produced for publication on your blog.

Whatever the case, once you’ve found your content writer or content writing team you need to put together a clear brief. Without this, chances are the content that’s created won’t reach its audience and won’t help your business achieve its goals.

To help you along, here are some of the key elements of any successful content brief:


Who are you writing for? A seasoned investor is looking for very different content to a first-time homebuyer, for example. Understanding your audience and communicating that knowledge to your content writing team helps them craft content that will be clicked on and even shared by the right people.

What if you don’t know who you’re writing for? Experienced content strategists can also help you research your market and develop content personas that enable you create content relevant to your audience.


On screen, as in real life, tone conveys meaning and the tone you adopt will influence who reads your content, as well the impact it has. Tone can be anything from informative and professional to fun and light hearted. Giving your content writer an accurate description of the tone you’re looking for can make or break your end result.


How should the content be structured? Will it include subheadings? Bulleted lists? A call to action? A byline? How long should the introduction be and how should the body copy be presented? What about statistics and infographics? Should these be included too?

A top-notch content brief also includes notes on how to reference source material, examples of content with which to benchmark plus relevant background information as context.

Of course not everyone has the time or the inclination to write detailed content briefs. The alternative is to engage experienced content editors and strategists to create tight briefs that deliver the type of content your business needs.

Sounds like a job for Content Empire!

Key Points

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