How to get the most out of your corporate video

As video content engagement continues to soar, a corporate video can be a great investment. In fact, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index has predicted video content will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019.

Google’s recent statistics reveal more than 50 per cent of online users search for video content related to a brand, service or product before they will consider spending their hard earned money.

Simply adding the word “video” to the subject line of an eDM is proven to increase open rates by 19 per cent! Not to mention the Facebook data that indicates visual content consistently attracts greater user engagement than most other forms of social content.

If you are considering adding a corporate video to your content marketing repertoire – what are some of the key things you need to know before you get started?

1) Consider the purpose of your content

A successful corporate video still needs to tell a story. It is a prime opportunity to present your brand – the team, corporate culture, values, and of course your product or service to an engaged audience.

For the best results, decide exactly what story you want to tell and why. Is the focus of your corporate video to engage potential clients, prospective buyers or new employees? Each focus requires a different angle and a slightly different story.

Here are a few examples we prepared earlier: for the property management team of one of Melbourne’s leading real estate agencies, Jellis Craig, and another for small business, Heppi. Need a little more inspiration? Check out Twitter’s cheeky corporate recruitment video.

2) Keep it short and sweet

Today’s statistics are make it crystal clear – online users love video content, but they still probably won’t pay attention to it for more than three or so minutes.

Ensure your target audience is able to access the complete story you are trying to tell by keeping your video short, snappy and engaging.

Make the purpose of your video clear from the start. The call to action can be subtle and definitely doesn’t need to be saved for last.

3) Develop and execute a promotion strategy

Get your video content noticed! The best way to tap into an engaged audience is with a pre-considered promotion strategy.

At a very basic level this should include housing your corporate video on your company website. To gain the most benefit from your video, place it on a high traffic page that is inline with your video’s purpose. The Homepage, About us or Meet the team pages are generally great options.

If your business already has a Facebook page or LinkedIn presence, why not pop it on there too?

Next step, give your video a boost with some paid promotion on social media platforms. Based on your target audience and their social networking habits, this could include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Pinterest.

Another cost effective means of promoting your latest corporate video is to include it in an eDM. This can help to gain the attention of an already engaged audience and remind them why they love your brand.

4) Stay on budget

Be realistic about the results you can accomplish based on the budget you have allocated to your corporate video.

The key to a successful corporate video is simply to generate content that engages and speaks to your target audience. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

A few ways to avoid overspending include:

  • Feature members of your actual team, not paid actors
  • Keep any location changes to a minimum
  • Try to incorporate stock, or previously accrued footage in your new video
  • Stick to your shooting schedule for the day (going over time means more money spent on the crew and possibly even your venue!)
  • Think a little laterally – maybe your video can be completed with the help of online tools Magisto or Promo.

5) Refresh your video

As your business and your team evolves, so too should your corporate video. Give your video a new flavour and ensure you are still presenting an accurate portrayal of your brand by changing it up every two to three years.

At Content Empire we have experience across every facet of producing a successful corporate video, from story boarding to scripting to production and project management and of course, promotion. Get in touch today to discover how we can help you put your best foot forward with a compelling corproate video.

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