Effective email marketing: how to create eDMs that generate business leads

The tools in a marketer’s belt are ever growing and changing. Email marketing has weathered every storm and – for the time being at least – is here to stay.

A pervasive form of modern interaction, email has consolidated its place among our most utilised forms of digital communication. It is the universality of email and the simplicity of the platform that underpins its lasting success as an integral aspect of any content marketing strategy.

Gain the most from your email marketing campaign with Content Empire’s tips for achieving email marketing success:

1. Be authentic

Don’t buy ready-made contact lists filled with email addresses to cold contact. This may have your ISP blocked or prohibited. An email sent to a non-consenting consumer creates a poor association between the recipient and your brand.

Focus on working with, and gradually building on, your current email contact database. The decision to contact and build trust with an already willing and engaged audience readily improves the potential for greater engagement and therefore return on investment.

2. Plan ahead

A results-driven email marketing campaign requires a clear strategy to ensure you are able to provide each contact on your database with highly relevant and consistent communications that nurture them towards an actionable goal.

Establishing consistency across communications improves brand awareness and gradually builds trust and credibility among your business leads.

Examine your current contact list and break down your database into different market tracks – group individuals with similar needs, interests or those at the same point in the buyer journey together – to create compelling content for each specific audience.

Karina Tama-Rutigliano writing for Forbes Community Voice highlights the importance of separating cold and warm leads, including taking the time to nurture warm leads. Karina recommends a thoughtful testimonial to engender greater credibility and the provision of a sales offer or coupon to draw these contacts across the line.

3. Make sure your content is on point!

From the email subject line to imagery your content must be high quality, engaging and a genuine representation of your brand.

The nitty gritty of email content 

Subject line: Make it relevant. Consider personalising the subject line, including a call to action or directly alluding to the problem this email intends to address for your target audience.

Email content: Put the big news upfront and centre, and make it snappy. Think of how long you typically spend reading a marketing email – at what point do you lose interest? What are some of the most engaging emails you have opened? This is a great starting point to consider when creating your own marketing collateral. 

Call to action: Have a clear goal associated with each email that you send and always include a call to action. For example, ask your readers to join an event, buy a product, download an eBook, register for upcoming promotions, provide a testimonial or share a post on social media.

Shareable content: An email is the perfect place to include links to highly relevant content designed to further engage your audience and position your brand as an industry leader. Mix it up with a blog post, video content or maybe even a quiz.

The visuals: An inviting, well presented email template and easy-to-read font are vital to email marketing success. High quality imagery is also an essential complement to written content, as Amada Sibley rightly explains, “the brain comprehends images 60 000 times faster than text.” Carefully selected images can quickly convey the purpose of your communication and your brand values. 

4.Don’t settle for a single approach

They say practise makes perfect and we have to say it’s true. There are considerable benefits to A/B split testing, if this is within your business’ means. The opportunity to present two different forms of the same communication to a specific audience provides a rare chance to gain deeper insights into your customers’ preferences, increase the potential for email conversions and reduce email bounce rates. 

At Content Empire we specialise in creating top notch content for business promotion. From email marketing strategy to execution our team tailor effective campaigns aligned with your business and marketing goals. Get in touch today to discover how our team can help your business. 

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