Content writer, copywriter or content strategist: who does your business really need?

The difference between a content writer, a copywriter and a content strategist can, at times, seem vague for those outside the marketing world.

As each job title suggests, these roles all focus on the production and delivery of high quality marketing content.

Take a step behind the scenes though, and it quickly becomes clear that each role plays a distinctly different, yet equally important part in the creation of an effective content marketing strategy.

Why does this matter to you?

A deeper understanding of exactly what a copywriter, content writer and content strategist bring to the content marketing table can ensure you enlist the right help when you need it the most!

Greater insight into the world of content creation provides you with a clearer understanding of the expertise and skill set that you need to help your business thrive, and is an all-important step to making cost effective decisions as you build your content marketing repertoire.

What is a content strategist?

You may have already guessed, a content strategist acts as the brains behind the whole content delivery operation.

A content strategist will work with you from end-to-end to facilitate an effective content marketing plan and approach, aligned with your brand and marketing goals.

How a content strategist can help your business

A content strategist should offer you an in-depth understanding of how content can help achieve your brand and business goals. By aligning these with your marketing objectives and target market, a content strategist will carefully craft a content marketing strategy designed to deliver results.

Importantly, content strategists work from the top-level ideas stage right through to the generation of detailed content briefs and strategy execution.

A content strategist will aim to develop a succinct and cohesive content strategy for your brand across all marketing channels including website, email, social, print and more.

The creation of a content calendar with a list of content assets to be produced, publication dates, target audiences, the objectives each part of the strategy is designed to meet and how success will be measured, is the final strategic deliverable before execution.

As any content strategy is delivered, outputs should be monitored and adapted by the content team, to heighten audience engagement.

Skills & expertise

Content strategy success is often underpinned by the use of appropriate analytic tools, for example Google Analytics.

These tools are designed to audit and evaluate audience engagement. Engagement measurements can include everything from the SEO ranking of your website to the click-through rate of a specific social media post.

A content strategist will often manage or oversee the content team, focusing strongly on brand voice to ensure all content outputs adhere to a clear and cohesive brand message.

What is a content writer?

A content writer produces engaging content that is focused on informing, educating or providing entertainment to your target audience.

They are clever writers, adept at breaking down even the most complex topics into fun and easy-to-understand copy.

Most importantly, they take the time to get to know your brand. This means their content truly embodies your ‘brand personality’ and is reflective of your specific tone of voice or style guidelines.

How a content writer can help your business

A content writer will work with you to produce content that speaks to the needs and interests of your target audience.

This includes:

Meeting your writer’s brief

Meeting set deadlines

Sound research

Strong interviewing skills

Outstanding written and editorial capabilities

An understanding of SEO best practice

Ability to create content for varied platforms and purposes

Proofreading & editing skills.

A great content writer should understand the nuances of writing for a whole host of channels – altering content to suit its destination, target audience and performance objectives. For instance, an email communication about a particular topic performs a different role to a social media post, and a skilled content writer will use their craft to create channel and audience specific content to maximise impact.

Skills & expertise

First and foremost, a content writer is adaptable!

They are able to jump into your team, understand your brand and produce (often long form) content designed to match your audience’s needs.

This content should be engaging and formatted to ensure it is easy for your target audience to read and digest.

High impact content will often be informed by credible research, subject matter expertise and commentary from authoritative, attributed sources.

A content writer should also keep up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and SEO best practice to ensure top quality audience engagement.

As a content writer gains further insights into your brand and the interests of your target audience, they may provide fresh content ideas.

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is solely focused on the art of persuasion. Advertising is their game, and they are your brand’s most valuable player.

How a copywriter can help your business

A copywriter is on your team to create top notch, short form content that entices your target market, often with a clear, concise call to action.

Do you want to invite your audience to make a purchase, hit the download button, or click that link? In most cases, you’re looking for a copywriter.

Skills & expertise

A great copywriter is able to generate industry and brand specific content that inspires confidence and sparks the interest of your target market.

This means they invest in understanding your target market, brand guidelines and marketing ambitions.

They should work with you to produce content that meets your writer’s brief and set deadlines.

Great copywriting typically combines wit, ingenuity and strong brand voice to captivate attention, hearts and minds.

Why Content Empire?

At Content Empire we work with you from end-to-end to produce and deliver a cohesive and effective content marketing strategy.

Our team are experts in their field and include forward-thinking content strategists, strong content writers and copywriters who are able to produce spot-on outputs aligned with your brand and business objectives.

Get in touch with us today!

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