Content marketing in Australia: where are we at?

According to the latest data-crunch by industry beacons The Content Marketing Institute, more Australian businesses are investing in content marketing, and more of them understand what content marketing is and how it works.

Once a niche activity at the fringe of many Australian marketing strategies, content marketing now sits front and centre. In fact CMI’s latest report reveals that 90 per cent of Australian marketers now see content marketing as an important component of their organisation’s program. What’s more, 35 per cent of Australian marketing teams are now operating as sophisticated, mature content marketers.

If you or your team are still getting your heads around content marketing, here’s a little insight into what Australia’s ‘mature’ content marketers are doing:

1) They understand that content marketing is about building an audience

Content marketing’s key role is to attract, acquire and retain a clearly defined audience. Although the ultimate goal of any content marketing strategy is normally to drive that audience to action (ie to purchase), attracting and engaging with your customers (potential and existing) is an essential part of this process.

2) They have a documented content marketing strategy

No matter how beautifully it’s presented, simply producing and publishing content is unlikely to generate a return on your investment.

A clear strategy must operate behind any content creation and distribution process. Common elements of a content marketing strategy include audience identification.

3) They invest in high quality content

As Australian marketers experience increased results from content marketing, 71 per cent cite the creation of higher quality, more ‘efficient’ content among their top keys to success.

Interestingly, once they start using content marketing, none of the Australian marketers who responded to CMI’s survey have stopped!

Once you begin to see the benefits of strategically producing and distributing content to build and nurture your target market, it’s virtually impossible to ignore the power of this strategy.

Despite the power of content marketing, CMI’s survey data reveals that 52 per cent of Australian organisations only have a small, or one-person marketing/content marketing team serving their entire organisation.

At Content Empire we specialise in supporting small marketing teams to achieve great things with content. Contact us if your content marketing could do with a lift. We’ll make it happen.

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