Content marketing can help your non-profit, here’s how!

Content marketing can make a difference, literally, when in the hands of a savvy non-profit organisation.

From bolstering member engagement to raising much needed funds and awareness it provides the ideal platform for small organisations to make a big impact.

No need to just take our word for it. Here are three Australian not-for-profits who have hit the nail on the head and are reaping the benefits of embracing technology to effectively build compelling stories and communicate their causes!

I Came By Boat

I Came By Boat is a highly visual campaign dedicated to changing the Australian public’s perception of refugees and asylum seekers.

Founded by Blanka Dudas a make-up artist and refugee herself the small, non-profit has both funded and rolled-out their campaign via content marketing.

Based on the simple idea of placing posters across the country with images of Australians who have positively contributed to the community yet, also happen to have fled perilous situations overseas. The campaign aims to humanise asylum seekers and directly challenge mainstream media’s conception of a queue jumper.

Successfully utilising Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their website and audiovisual content to generate public interest and raise funds. The I Came By Boat campaign surpassed their initial fundraising target of $65 000 receiving $85 000 in donations, to-date, through crowd-funding platform Chuffed. This has enabled them to initiate a second poster campaign.

Getup! Australia

GetUp! Australia’s 2011 marriage equality campaign, It’s Time, may have been five years ago now but, the iconic video remains one of its most recognisable initiatives.

Telling a simple and compelling tale of love most of us can relate to. The short story transformed this small grassroots organisation into a household name.

With over six million views that year the viral video has has now been watched over 16 million times worldwide bringing international awareness and support to GetUp! Australia’s campaign for marriage equality.

The Foundation for Young Australians

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) understands that an effective content marketing strategy changes the relationship between supporters and an organisation from a one-sided lecture to an interactive and informative discussion.

By embracing what the Content Marketing Institute describes as “non-interruption marketing”, FYA recognises the specific strengths of various digital platforms and effectively utilises each to engage their supporters.

Knowing that Twitter loves a good conversation they create regular tweets with compelling questions and links to easily shared infographics and articles of their most recent research. This allows FYA to gain the most out of their supporters who are easily able to engage with their content and share it with their own followers.

In addition to embracing social media, FYA has built an interactive website with highly visual content designed to optimise supporter engagement.

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