Audience 2.0: how to develop content that counts

As technology evolves and the channels across which we communicate become more sophisticated, so too does audience behaviour.

Today, the variety of media platforms and readily accessible content leave the majority of consumers spoilt for choice.

Overwhelmed by options, recent studies indicate the modern audience has more discerning taste and a shorter attention span than ever.

Here are a few tips to help any business capitalise on this brave new world and create even more effective content:

Understand your audience

Take the time to observe how your audience interacts with your content and improve your output to match.

A recent study by HubSpot has revealed audiences have dramatically increased their consumption of content on social networks over the last two years.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn remain the most popular online networks with a 57 per cent, 25 per cent and 21 per cent increase in use, respectively.

Platforms that priortise visual content have also seen significant growth. In particular, Pinterest and Instagram are increasingly considered worthy marketing tools.

The Content Marketing Institute suggests Pinterest holds the greatest up-tapped marketing potential for brands, with 41 per cent of users willing to share brand-related content via this channel.

Interestingly, while social media usage has exploded, audiences have become fussier about the content they consume.

No longer willing to blindly follow advertising, many consumers prefer to affiliate with a limited number of brands that they feel help to represent who they are.

The Content Marketing Institute notes most people are linked to an average of 11 brands on social media and only actively follow 7 of these, engaging with even less.

This does not mean that content marketing is a lost cause! Rather, a solid content marketing strategy can be the key to engaging a loyal audience with the power to influence their friends and family.

Knowing what platforms are used by your audience is just the first step in building this strategy.

Be engaging

In a world of endless information, updates and advertising, it can be all too easy for consumers to tune out.

Keep your audience interested with concise, relevant and punchy content.

When generating written content, optimise the attention of your audience with strong headings and sub headings.

Many studies reveal readers will initially only skim long posts. Give them a taste of the article early to convince them to read on.

Cater to your audience with content that understands how they use social media by creating a means for them to get involved and interactive content ideas.

Vision, vision, vision

It is true a picture can speak a thousand words and in a world where so many brands are vying for the attention of the same audience, superb visual content is crucial.

Most content marketing strategies will translate this to mean the inclusion of strong images and video. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Simple and effective, infographics can enhance any written piece by communing key information in an easy-to-digest and immediate fashion.

A great infographic is the perfect technique to grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to learn more.

Vision does not stop here. It also means ensuring the content you create and the social media pages your business utilises are easy to navigate and visually pleasing when accessed by any device.

No longer do audiences solely use one tool to source information. In a single sitting your audience may use their tablet, computer or smart phone to access your content. Keep them interested with content that adapts to each platform.

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