5 tips to create topical and engaging content

Quality content is the lifeblood of any successful content marketing strategy. High quality and well executed content has the potential to increase brand awareness, build greater consumer trust and improve overall engagement with your product or service. It should also provide a bonus SEO boost to your website. 

The goal – avoid tired, re-done content ideas that will see your efforts lost in the endless drone of digital media. Instead focus on publishing content that is topical, engaging and tailored to suit your audience.

At Content Empire this is exactly the type of work that we specialise in. From in-depth articles for Deakin University’s this. blog (check us out here) to catchy posts for iSelect’s, #GetLifeRight content hub (look here), we know how to make our clients’ content stand out. 

How exactly do we do it? Here are out top tips for producing content that packs a punch.

1) Your audience is KING

Content is only worthy of publication if it is useful, engaging and relevant to your target market. This means successful content marketing requires a deep understanding of your audience.

Implement strategies to engage with your customer base, to understand what interests them, what they are talking about, the issues they are facing and why your brand is relevant to them. Actively revealing empathy for your demographic and explaining exactly why your product, service or brand can make a positive impact to their lives helps to increase trust, engagement and consequently revenue.

This is particularly important if social media is a core element of your content marketing strategy with platforms, in particular Facebook, updating user algorithms to preference the content shared by family and friends – an adjustment that will result in only the most highly shared or engaging content reaching user newsfeeds (unless it’s sponsored). 

2) Add value

Not every content piece should feel like a sales pitch. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute makes it clear that this is the exact opposite of what’s considered best practice. 

While sales oriented marketing may be the most intuitive approach, subtle content that encourages increased trust and awareness of your brand can result in greater longevity and long-term sales. 

Aim to create content that answers the queries of your target market. Help them to understand industry changes or offer helpful tips and advice. Encourage conversation and entice the curiosity of your audience. 

3) Get creative

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content mediums. Back up well-researched blog posts with short videos, eye catching visuals or a well conceived infographic. 

Consider where your content will be published and how users regularly engage with that platform. Tailor each new item to suit for the best results. 

4) Stay current

“Evergreen” content definitely has its place, but topical content means timely content. More specifically, content must be not only be relevant to users but current to recent events, trends or public debate.

Keep across current affairs, seasonal ideas or new industry developments that are impacting your audience and generate content ideas around these topics. 

5) Include a call to action

Don’t be afraid to give your audience a clear call to action. If you want to generate a specific outcome from your content then let your audience know what you need them to do. This could be a request to share content, sign up to your newsletter or purchase a product or service. 

Need a hand planning or creating content? Get in touch with us today and discover how the team at Content Empire can improve your content engagement.

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