Engage your target market with 1 content idea, shared 7 ways

In today’s content-saturated world, gaining (and holding!) the attention of your target market can take a little more effort. In fact, statistics suggest attention spans have shrunk to a measly eight seconds.

With this in mind, the best content marketers know you need to present an idea more than once to capture attention and achieve results.

This doesn’t mean your target audience needs to see the exact same content each time!

How do you gain the attention of your target audience?

The real trick to capturing the attention of your target audience is to reshape your key message and share it across multiple channels.

This subtle strategy enables your brand to attract the attention of your target market on several occasions (or through multiple touch points) without it coming across as repetitive.

This content marketing strategy may require some forward planning, but in the end, will prove itself to be cost effective with a greater return on investment.

To leverage good research and information gathering, don’t be afraid to create a base item of content and appropriate it – with savvy differentiators – to suit different publication channels.

At Content Empire this is something we do all the time for our clients. To give you a better idea of how it’s done, we have created a list of our top seven ways to successfully and professionally appropriate a single, quality piece of content.

Here are Content Empire’s top seven ways to present one idea and engage your target market:

Write a blog post

Versatile and content rich, a well-researched and engaging blog post that capitalises on all the benefits of digital, including useful links to further reading and strong visuals, can be a great tool to engage your audience.

A blog post comes with a host of digital marketing benefits. Think an increase your digital reach by providing your website with a much needed SEO boost, and consequently an uplift in web traffic.

Create a few different Facebook posts

Now that you have created and published a worthwhile piece of content, it is time to broaden your brand’s digital reach with an amplification strategy.

Short, sharp Facebook posts that re-share your knowledge can help to strengthen brand recognition. They also provide another engagement touch point for your content.

When creating a Facebook post ensure:

You have a clear and concise message

You include a link to the relevant item of content

Your brand voice and personality remain consistent

It’s tailored to suit your target audience

Don’t forget to include an image! Facebook algorithms preference highly visual content with limited text.

Consider including a call to action at the end of your post. Ask your followers to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your post to increase engagement.

Build a social media strategy

Beyond Facebook, consider the social platforms most relevant to your brand: Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest for example.

Tailor the content you have created to suit the social platforms most relevant to your brand. Social media provides a golden opportunity to repurpose and share content you have already created to achieve the greatest possible user engagement.

For the best results, develop a social strategy before you get started. Consider when your audience is most likely to engage with your social content, and where. Whether it’s owned or paid social media channels you are exploring, you will easily be able to measure results and engagement through the channel’s own tool.

Produce a short video

With video now the preferred method of online content consumption, no content marketing strategy is complete without this highly digestible, visual format.

This doesn’t have to be a high cost project. Low budget, short videos (less than 30 seconds) are all it takes. Why not consider shooting on your iPhone? Clear audio and good lighting are vital, but depending on the brief, professional videography is not always needed.

Produce an infographic

Is the concept you are trying to communicate on the more complex side? An infographic may be just the ticket!

Infographics can be effective when communicating topics that are multifaceted.

Easily shared across platforms, an infographic can be published in print format, on your website or in a blog post.

Take care when posting an infographic on social media. Sites such as Facebook preference visual content that doesn’t feature any text – if your infographic has more than 20 per cent text it may need to be modified before sharing on social. Or better still, broken down again into smaller, stackable infographics with a single message. Voila! You’ve created more content again!

Send an email

Highly personalised, semi-automated and sent straight to the inbox of an already engaged audience, email marketing is the perfect means to capture the attention of your target market.

Consider creating an email with your current key message as the overall theme.

Take the opportunity to re-share some of the content you have already created and encourage your readers to engage.

Not only is email a great way of sharing content, it also provides your business with the added advantage of strong engagement tracking tools.

Build a quiz

A quiz is a fun and interactive way of engaging your target audience and inviting them to consider your key message.

Quizzes are easily shared on your website, social media and even via email.

Interactive content is perfect for improving user engagement as it shows your target audience that you are genuinely interested in their opinion – and that they matter to your brand. Results can be shared and compared with friends and family.

Quiz content doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive to develop.

Consider using free tools such as Riddle for an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and step-by-step quiz generator.

So, from just one piece of content, you now have a multi-pronged strategy for distribution and engagement. Paramount to any strategy is measurement of results, so be sure to identify in advance how you will measure engagement and set some realistic targets against which you can report at the campaign’s conclusion.

For help creating high impact content and developing an effective strategy to engage your target market(s), please get in touch with the Content Empire team today.

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