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Engaging content to share complex health messages

Stakeholder workshop, audience insights analysis
Cascading content strategy, SME interviews, content plans
Content writing, social posts, infographics, animated video

The Department of Health’s Better Health Channel (BCH) is designed to help Victorians make decisions about their health and wellbeing.

The BCH content strategy identified a need for content to specifically target under-served audiences and to meet identified audience knowledge gaps.

Content Empire worked closely with the BHC team to define the content types and formats that would become a cascading content strategy, leveraging BHC’s audience insights to develop a diverse series of assets to appeal to large and highly diverse target audiences.

Content Empire’s ‘cascading content approach’ was designed to optimise content assets from a single concept that would give BHC the best possible chance of engaging with diverse audiences, varying content consumption patterns and different levels of literacy. Our pool of content specialists brought sophisticated interview skills and subject matter expertise to complex health topics.


Audience-focused, multi-format health content

Content Empire produced:

  • Digestible long form articles on complex topics: gut health and men’s health
  • Short form blog articles
  • ‘Atomic content’ for social channels: quizzes, infographics
  • Animated video
  • Social posts

Content Empire have proven to be an agile and responsive team. I worked with them to produce two multi-format, multi-part content suites to high editorial standards and am pleased with the results and the potential they provide for deeper engagement on our platform.

Ivana Rowley
Manager, Consumer Content, DHHS

​139 Martin Street
Brighton VIC 3186​

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