A week at Content Empire: a work experience perspective by Prue Harris

In November 2018 I spent a week doing work experience with Content Empire. During my week I took on countless tasks and opportunities I truly believe I wouldn’t have been offered elsewhere. The team there took me on and looked after me extremely well, treating me as if I wasn’t 16 but as if I was there full time, which made the experience feel very real and for that I am infinitely grateful. So, what did I experience throughout that five days?

What have I done?

During my week at Content Empire, I was given projects to work on from every corner content marketing can reach to.

I created a presentation on the use of the popular social media, Snapchat, and the advantages it can provide when marketing certain brands and services, and the array of uses it has across demographics.

I experienced how Content Empire uses images and other visual assets and how they can influence a brand and impact their customers. I helped in creating a series of holiday ‘thank you’ creative briefs for a company who want to send them out through their local neighbourhoods.

I analysed content marketing at competitor companies and looked what different companies bring to the table, what they specialise in and who they’re working with.

I undertook a social media competitor analysis for a Content Empire education client. Looking at my research I determined who does it best, and what education clients should consider in terms of their own social media presence.

I have looked at blogs and articles and even started drafting up my own article for potential publication in a property lifestyle magazine.

What have I learnt about content marketing?

Going into this week, I had the assumption in mind that all content marketing was the same, and that the week ahead would be website design and image editing. But I learnt that content marketing is so much more, we just don’t get to see the hard work and devotion the teams behind content marketing endure.

I learnt about the hours spent on making dozens of drafts and briefs for clients, and the stress of getting it just right. I learnt about the articles written for clients, about email newsletter design and even the creation of digital and print advertising campaigns.

What did I enjoy, and what challenges did I face?

As I view myself as quite a creative thinker. I enjoyed that I could employ my own flair to some of the projects I was given, and especially when writing, how I could use my different skills among the many platforms of expression content marketing allows me to have. The challenges I faced though were minor, simply the new apps I was utilising and having to Google tutorials to figure out how to work them. Otherwise I was surprised about how well my week went and how I felt as though I slipped right in and had lots of things I could do.

Was my week at Content Empire as I expected it?

Before entering this week, I had heard the bad stories that surrounded others’ work experience at other jobs, and I was concerned that like them, I would spend my week staring at walls. But thankfully, within my first hour in the office I had my head down, working through the list of content marketing related projects that Clare and Cathy provided me with. Each project related to something different in the content marketing world and I took each brief and made it my own. When I presented my work, took questions and participated in content-related discussions, I really felt as if I was playing a part in the company.

So, I would love to thank the incredible supportive and hard-working team at Content Empire for taking me on, their first work experience student, and putting all their trust in me, giving me hypothetical projects and letting me pitch in and help with real life briefs and clients. My time at Content Empire was the best I could ask for, it truly exceeded any expectation I had about work experience and has given me a clear career path that I may possibly take in the future.

I’d love to especially thank Clare Murphy, the incredible Managing Editor at Content Empire for receiving my email enquiring about a position and giving me the chances she has.

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